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Smile Makeover and Full Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax VA Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Hang Le can completely redesign and remake your smile using the latest Smile Makeover techniques including: Dental Implants, Veneers, ZOOM!®Teeth Whitening and Invisalign®. Dr. Hang Le, DDS provides full mouth reconstruction in her ultra modern multi-specialty dental practice in Fairfax, VA.
What is a Smile Makeover
Thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, materials technology and digital innovations in dentistry it is possible for anyone to have that amazing smile. Fairfax, VA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Hang Le can perform a Smile makeover or Full Mouth Restoration by using a wide-variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures and combining these to completely transform your smile with a Smile makeover.
Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr.Le in Fairfax VA
Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr.Le in Fairfax VA

During a smile makeover, a patient receives different cosmetic procedures which are performed by Dr. Le as part of the same treatment plan to redesign your smile.  Commonly this could be a combination of Invisalign®, Porcelain Veneers, tooth colored fillings, Dental Crowns, Cosmetic bonding and Zoom!®Teeth Whitening procedures as needed. If a there are missing teeth, those are also replaced using various missing tooth replacement options.

No matter what the condition of your teeth is right now, Dr. Hang Le can change them into a beautiful, healthy smile.  A Smile Makeover can completely transform your smile.

Getting a Smile Makeover is easy
Before any treatment,  there is a smile design consultation with Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Le to design your new smile with you, during this consultation, Dr. Le will employ the latest in digital imaging and computer aided dentistry. Impressions are taken of the whole mouth to create wax-up and temps.


If Invisalign is necessary we can even have the specialty lab generate a computer model of your mouth showing how the teeth will move into place. Dr. Le uses all these digital dentistry technology to design your smile and draw up the best custom treatment plan for each individual patient.


As with all Cosmetic procedures, it is important to have professional cleaning done prior to treatment to remove any plaque on the teeth surface and ensure that the gum is healthy before commencing.


Getting a smile makeover can transform a patient’s smile immensely and with that most patient’s gain confidence and poise.

Call or Text 571-969-3368 our office to schedule a complimentary smile makeover consultation and see what your options are.

Complimentary Smile Makeover Consulation

Getting a smile makeover can transform a patient’s smile immensely and with that most patient’s gain confidence and poise. Schedule you complimentary Smile Makeover Consultation. 0% Financing* options available.

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