Crown Lengthening in Fairfax, VA

Periodontal disease, trauma and tooth decay causes severe damage to the teeth. If the teeth has been broken beneath the gum line, Dr. Le can use crown lengthening to prepare the area for a new restoration to correct the damaged teeth and improve the health of the gum.
Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening exposes more of the natural tooth by reshaping the surrounding bone and gum tissue.  Crown lengthening can be performed on a single tooth, many teeth or the entire gum line.


In most situations where not enough of the tooth sticks out above the gum to support a filling or crown,  Dr. Le will perform a Crown lengthening procedure to expose more of the tooth so the crown can be properly attached..

This can be necessary when a tooth breaks off at the gum line, or when a crown or filling falls out of a tooth and there is decay underneath.  In order to successfully place a filling or crown in this situation, Dr. Le will need to expose more of the tooth by removing some gum tissue or bone.
Dr. Le can also use Crown Lengthening to treat a “gummy smile”, this is when a patient has a lot of gum tissue around their upper teeth.
Gummy Smile Fix with Crown Lengthening and Crowns at My Fairfax Dental, VA
Gummy Smile Fix with Crown Lengthening and Crowns at My Fairfax Dental, VA
After Getting Crown Lengthening Surgery
After Crown Lengthening surgery, Dr. Le will usually prescribe pain medication, and a chlorhexidine (antimicrobial) mouth rinse to help stop bacteria from re-establishing itself in the area. There might also be some sensitivity to hot and cold due to root exposure which passes over time.

We will also recommend a soft diet and that you brush the teeth near the stitches, but avoid the gums. Any food particles around the area should be removed with a toothpick or a water irrigator.

There will be follow-up dental appointments to ensure that the site is healing well and most patients will be fully healed in about two to three months.

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