Dental Exam and Professional Cleaning in Fairfax, VA

Professional Dental Cleanings
At My Fairfax Dental, Dr. Le uses the dental exam and professional cleaning to help identify the patient’s current dental health as well as any abnormalities of the oral cavity and surrounding structures with the aid of modern low radiation digital dental x-rays.

This helps to prevent dental problems from developing or treating early stages of dental diseases before the tooth becomes unsavable.


The Professional Dental Cleaning is performed using specialized instruments including an ultrasonic scaler which can remove stuck on plaque, there will also be removal of any built up Calculus and polishing of the teeth.

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Professional Dental Exam
During your regular dental exams, our Family and Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Le will normally ask questions and will also :

  1. Examine your digital x-rays for signs of tooth decay, cysts or bone loss.
  2. Examine your digital intra-oral images of your mouth and teeth
  3. Examine the gums for any signs of periodontal disease.
  4. Perform an Oral cancer screening by examining the face, tongue, throat and gums for any signs of oral cancer.
  5. Check for signs of tooth decay.
  6. Check current fillings, crowns, bridges and any other previous restorations for any issues.

Most patients should have 2 regular dental exams and checkups a year. Patients with periodontal disease are recommended to have at least 4 checkups and professional cleanings a year to restore their gum health and smile.


Most dental insurances will cover dental cleanings as a preventative procedure and My Fairfax Dental accepts all PPO dental insurances to help our patients.

Dental Checkup

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