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Fairfax Cosmetic and Implant Dentist, Dr. Hang Le uses the industry leading Zoom® whitening system which can improve the teeth color by multiple shades. Dr. Hang Le, DDS provides advanced comprehensive dentistry in her ultra modern multi-specialty dental practice in Fairfax, VA.
Why Zoom!® Teeth Whitening
Daily routines such as coffee, tea, tobacco etc can stain your teeth and add years to your age. At My Fairfax Dental we use advanced teeth whitening techniques which can help brighten your smile and provide a more youthful appearance.

There are hundreds of whitening treatments available in the marketplace, including take-home strips, bleaching toothpastes and take-home whitening gels.  Many take-home gels are ineffective and may not elicit the desired results.

Zoom!® has many advantages over these other treatments which is why it is the industry leading system and why we have chosen it as the Teeth Whitening system in our Fairfax, Va dental office:

How does Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Work?
Zoom!® is a bleaching process that lightens the enamel of the teeth.  Zoom!® contains a hydrogen peroxide component (25%), which is the active ingredient in the gel which causes a chemical reaction that breaks apart the carbon bonds that create yellow stains. Once the bonds are broken, they no longer reflect a yellow color.


The gel is  activated using a specialized light with a unique infrared filter that reduces the amount of heat and sensitivity on the surface of the teeth during the procedure.


Getting ZOOM! Teeth Whitening
Before any treatment,  there is a consultation with Dr. Le to outline the exact procedure.  It is important to have professional cleaning done prior to treatment to remove any plaque on the teeth surface


During the procedure you will wear a special protective eyewear for the light and  a splash guard to protect the clothing from the bleaching agent.

  1. Cheek retractors will be placed to expose the entire surface of the teeth.
  2. The gums will be covered to reduce sensitivity.
  3. The dentist will apply the whitening gel to the teeth.
  4. The special light will then be applied to activate the gel.  This specialized Zoom!® light can be positioned to work on all the teeth simultaneously.
  5. After 15 minutes, gel will be removed from the teeth and the mouth will be rinsed.
  6. The Dentist can then repeat steps 3-5 up to 2 more times as needed.

Save $250 on Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

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After Getting Zoom!® Teething Whitening
Teeth whitening can last for years if the patient maintains it. Immediately after your ZOOM whitening, there may be some sensitivity for a few days, simply take OTC pain killers as needed.


Avoid eating food and drinks that can stain your teeth as it is more easily stained for the first week after the Whitening has been done.


If you smoke, drink coffee or wine regularly then a Whitening touch-up would be recommended even sooner

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